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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Afternoon around OKC

 Urban Agrarian

Located in the old farmers market off of Exchange Avenue, this is the best place to find fresh and local meats, produce and everything in between.  They go all over the metro area pedaling their goods and it proves to be the best every time.  They will even deliver to a farmers market or your home!


Enjoying the Boing!
All is good with sun
and fresh produce!
The shop is not without one friend just next door that also has great seasonal produce.  It a a great fruit and veggie market that has limited selection but makes up for it with low cost and Boing! a papaya drink that was very refreshing on this unseasonably warm day.  I gathered some great local products that I will whip up into a dish sometime tomorrow and will post more about each ingredient and of course the finished product.  While not known for a great neighborhood to cruise around in, this is a hidden gem that not many people know about.  Also for the rowers currently training on the Exchange stretch, the fruit stand is open most mornings... just an FYI.
The Mule

The Mule on Urbanspoon This restaurant and bar opened this last summer and has seen unprecedented success.  Only once have I gone in there having trouble finding a place to sit, I maybe because I finally got there before 7pm.  They pride themselves on local beers and melty, savory, gooey, delectable sandwiches.  They call them grilled cheeses, but these are the older sophisticated kinds that have you coming back for more!

So they have this app that is near and dear to my heart, as a Wisco boy, the fried cheese curds.  They are the perfect way to kick things off (and might kick off a heart attack, but that is why we workout right?!)  They come with ranch and marinara to dip in, but eating them straight up lets you enjoy the melted, stringy cheese in the light crunchy batter.  They really do remind me of home and are made to perfection.

Next up is the "grilled cheese" which they have many great combinations and a weekly special, but it can also be fun to make up your own from time to time.  My two favorites are the Fancy Pants and H.A.M. and always go with the House Tomato Soup as a side.  This soup showcases what can be done to tomatoes when shown a little care and love, its not your Campbells that you grew up with but oh so much better.  Not creamy, a little chunky and full of that sweet tomato, slightly acidic flavor that is good for dipping your sandwich in.  That being said the sandwich was a little dry so a sauce or spread would have been good, I used the soup but if they had ones specific to each sandwich that would heighten the experience.

All in all this is a fun place to hang out with friends, have a brew and sandwich.  This place will be a staple in OKC for a long time.
Partially eaten soup and sandwich
(yeah that's Mac and Cheese!)
Half eaten cheese curds
(couldn't waste time for full photo)

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